Multimodal Orchestration Studies

Mathematics Lecture of MIT Professor

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General Paper Lessons of 2 Singapore Teachers

Lim-Fei, V., O’Halloran, K. L. & Podlasov. A. (2012). Spatial Pedagogy: Mapping Meanings in the Use of Classroom Space. In Cambridge Journal of Education, 42:2, 235-251. Download  

Lim-Fei, V. (2011). A Systemic Functional Multimodal Discourse Analysis Approach to Pedagogic Discourse. Doctoral thesis. National University of Singapore. Download

Mr Keating in the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’

Lim-Fei, V. (2010). Language, gestures and space in the classroom of Dead Poets’ Society. In Y. Fang & C. Wu (Eds.), Challenges to systemic functional linguistics: Theory and practice. Proceedings of the Conference ISFC36 Beijing July 2009 (pp. 165-172). Beijing: 36th ISFC Organizing Committee. Tsinghua University and Macquarie University.. Download