Welcome to the Multimodal Literacy Learning Community

The Multimodal Literacy Learning Community is interested in the representations of knowledge across different modes and meaning-making resources (eg. language, images, gestures). It promotes a systemic approach, stemming from Halliday’s Systemic Functional Theory, to the analysis of media messages (eg. advertisements, online news, posters) so as to develop critical thinking and discourse analysis skills in students.

The Multimodal Literacy Learning Community offers partnership in providing professional development sessions for teachers who are interested in media studies, as well as growing competencies in the “Viewing” and “Representing” domains in the new English Language syllabus.

This site presents information on multimodal literacy for students and teachers, particularly in Singapore, who are interested in this area.

Please contact me if you like references and resources on multimodal literacy. If you are a teacher in Singapore and would like to join our learning community and be placed on our mailing list, please get in touch with me too.

Dr Victor Lim Fei

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